Merge1 can help you gain compliance easily, by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Globanet Merge1 – The Social Connector

Marketing October 25th, 2013 5:01 pm

Message Archiving Platform for Social Media


For organizations subject to data compliance or regulatory reporting requirements, the large variety of social data sources used by employees can cause challenges. Maintaining several different data stores makes it difficult to apply data retention policies and even more difficult to identify necessary information for reporting purposes. Merge 1 by Globanet is a mature, proven solution used by all sized companies to alleviate this problem. It enables customers to archive non-traditional data records in standard repositories. Think of Globanet Merge1 as the social connector.

It gathers data from multiple electronic communication sources then filters and consolidates it onto a single archive or email server. Out-of-the box, the tool handles the most popular communication types: social media, instant messaging, financial communications, text messaging, email and application documents. What’s more, since new social platforms are constantly arising, Globanet Merge1 is easily customizable and expandable to ingest additional data types.

However, the ability to efficiently store data is only half of the story. Globanet Merge 1 also helps users find data within the archives. By adding metadata tags to the MSG files that are created during the conversion process, Globanet Merge1 allows users to pinpoint data within their preferred archiving or mail solution.