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President says National Archives must Archive Everything

Marketing February 10th, 2015 4:49 pm

It’s not like we didn’t see it coming…

So, do you think that only the financial sector is required to capture and archive email, messaging and social media? Think again.

The federal government does not need to “enact” to impact information control, retention, capture and archiving practices of all companies in all industry sectors. As we have seen in the recent administrations – and pick whatever party you prefer – an executive order or even a presidential memorandum can carry the weight of full-blown legislation.

This was made clear with the presidential memorandum instructing the National Archives to take a break from babysitting the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights and become the “archive cop” for all branches of government. Sure, there are deadlines that extend to the end of 2019 and there are those that would say this is a temporary situation waiting to be annulled by the next administration. I am not so sure. President Reagan once said, “There is nothing more permanent than a temporary government program.”

Long before the IRS sat in front of congress with the ridiculous, ‘oh darn, the dog ate my hard drive’ excuse (never confuse a policy wonk with an IT expert who knows that the email lives concurrently on several servers – not on a single laptop hard drive), we the non-regulated (read: yet to be regulated) sectors sat only one controversy, crisis, data leak… or executive order away from mandatory action. It’s sort of like watching a drunk man play with a balloon on the edge of a cliff… it’s just a matter of time.

The inescapable conclusion is this; a prudent man would take steps to stay ahead of legislation by setting information archive policies and implementing associated technical solutions. To enable companies facing this decision, Globanet developed Merge1 Cloud, the finest messaging and Social Media capture platform. The Globanet Merge1 platform is archive agnostic, enabling IT staff to capture and deposit email, messaging and Social Media to the archive of their choosing.

Whatever the messaging and social media systems you are using, Globanet Merge1 Cloud is ready.