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Reduce the Number of Emails When Email Archiving and Journaling are using Enterprise Vault Custom Filters

Marketing April 13th, 2016 4:46 pm

Does your organization utilize Journaling in Microsoft Exchange?

If so, would you like to reduce the amount of data you archive with Veritas Enterprise Vault when Journaling?
Custom Filtering may be the answer. This feature of Enterprise Vault allows for more granular archiving in order to remove unwanted items from the email archive.

Custom Filters allow administrators to omit user email accounts, certain attachment types (e.g. MP3 files) and even entire departments, from the archive. According to Globanet Senior Engineer Raffi Ajemian “Custom Filters help you reduce the number of emails in the email archive by weeding out certain email types that shouldn’t be archived and even allows you to completely turn off people who shouldn’t be Journaled.”

A Custom Filter is in essence an XML file that contains ‘rules’ that trigger actions that Enterprise Vault should take when a given set of criteria are met. Examples of rules include:

“Exclude any email from archiving if it originates from someone in the Employee Benefits distribution”

“Delete mail from known junk-mail sources, (and others), if it contains certain common spam subjects”

“Delete MP3 attachments before archiving”
For a list of additional example rules that can be set with an Enterprise Vault Custom Filter, see this blog post by engineer Stanislav Zubkov (not affiliated with Globanet).

For additional information about Custom Filters, see page 228 of the Veritas Enterprise Vault Guide “Setting Up Exchange Server Archiving.”

Finally, for assistance with developing a Custom Filter customized to your organization’s requirements, contact Globanet. We’ve developed custom filters for Enterprise Vault for a wide range of email archiving environments, including Journaling for financial compliance.

We hope you found this post about reducing the data you archive when Journaling by using Enterprise Vault Custom Filters helpful. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.