Merge1 can help you gain compliance easily, by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Globanet Merge1 is Compatible with Veritas Enterprise Vault 12

Marketing August 24th, 2016 4:28 pm

Why Veritas Enterprise Vault 12 Is Worth Adopting

Earlier in 2016, Veritas launched Enterprise Vault 12, which is designed to enhance your archiving capabilities.

As Globanet covered earlier, we recommend firms to adopt Enterprise Vault 12 in order to take advantage of new, important features, such as: Classification of inbound data for timed deletion, Image OCR for indexing text found in images, and Intelligent Review that learns from responses to deliver more relevant search results.

How Globanet Merge1 Seamlessly Enables Enterprise Vault 12 To Archive More Communications

The new Globanet Merge1 v6, also launched in 2016 with powerful new features, is one of the few archiving solutions on the market that is fully compatible with Enterprise Vault 12.

Merge1 was designed to empower Enterprise Vault to archive more than just email. Why is this important? Because, today, email is no longer the ‘king’ of business communications. More than 50% of business communications now takes place over new digital channels, such as instant message, text message, and social media.
Capturing such communications into Enterprise Vault is essential for a firm’s eDiscovery and compliance efforts.

Merge1 works with any archive, and is particularly well-suited for Veritas Enterprise Vault. Messages from disparate communication platforms are funneled into Enterprise Vault, where they can be indexed and searched during eDiscovery, and retained according to retention policies.

Above is graphic that shows how Merge1 archives and processes communications from various platforms, into Enterprise Vault 12 on Premise or Enterprise

To find out more about how Globanet Merge1 can expand the capabilities of your archive for improved eDiscovery and compliance, contact us today.