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How do you Keep up with a Fast-Growing, Innovating Company Like Symphony? The Answer: Innovate.

Marketing August 30th, 2016 4:26 pm

Backed by 15 major financial institutions, Symphony is one of the fastest-growing enterprise Instant Messaging and Collaboration platforms on the market.

Not only is Symphony a fast-growing service, but it’s also innovative. Constant feature updates to its communication service is the norm. In fact, Symphony releases new features nearly every month.

While the roll-out of new features is beneficial to Symphony end users, this makes it challenging for Symphony technology partners to keep up.

At Globanet, we rose to this challenge.

Our Globanet Merge1TM is archiving compliance software that helps archive communications taking place over social media networks such as Symphony. Indeed, Merge1 was first-to-market with Symphony’s support in May 2015. Today, Merge1 helps Symphony clients include Symphony communications into their email archive so that conversations taking place over the Symphony platform can be archived, supervised for compliance and searched during eDiscovery.

Our objective was two-fold:
1. Keep Merge1 up-to-date with the constant platform updates to Symphony’s XML schema, which is what Merge1 relies on to archive communications

2. Ensure Merge1 clients using our Symphony connector are always on the latest version of Merge1, which usually means our clients must constantly upgrade Merge1 software updates in their environment

To meet these objective, we decided to innovate.

In order to keep up with the constant changes to Symphony’s XML schema, while easing the burden on our clients of always having to update to newer versions of Merge1, Globanet developed an Auto Update feature.

This Auto Update feature automatically updates a client’s version of Merge1 in order to effortlessly keep the client lock-step with changes made by Symphony, without having to perform a manual upgrade of their Merge1 software.

For example, when Symphony made a change to its XML schema to archive records of wall posts being ‘Liked’, Globanet was able to update Merge1 to include this data into a firm’s archive, and was able to push this change automatically and seamlessly to all Merge1 customers using the Merge1 Symphony connector. Thus, there was no need for the client to manually upgrade Merge1 in order to address this change by Symphony.

This innovation – the Auto Update feature of Merge1 – eases the burden on Merge1 clients and gives Symphony the freedom to keep making changes as it sees fit, knowing that there is a vendor who can keep up with their pace of innovation.

In this case, the adage: ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em’ holds true. Sometimes the only way to keep up with an innovative company is to innovate yourself.

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