Merge1 can help you gain compliance easily, by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Memo From our CTO: Merge1 Enables Flexible Archiving To Allow Exporting Data To Any Archive

Marketing September 14th, 2016 4:22 pm

Reflecting back on my almost ten years with Globanet, one thing I have noticed consistently is that our customers’ requirements evolve over time, and these changes can kick off projects to replace their archive solutions with new ones that meet their new requirements where the previous solutions did not.

With this in mind, I felt it was important to ensure that no matter which archiving solution our customers decide to adopt – whether for compliance, eDiscovery or other Info Governance efforts – their third-party data collection would not be impacted.
This is a feature of Globanet Merge1 ™ that we rarely discussed until very recently. We usually spend a lot of our energy informing customers from which third-party communications platforms Merge1 can collect data (e.g., Slack, Facebook, Twitter, ICE Chat, Cisco Jabber, Bloomberg, Symphony, Reuters, FXT, etc.). At the same time, I believe it is just as important for our customers to know how well Merge1 works on the delivery end. So, I am taking this time out from broadcasting all the great work we are doing with these third party sources to let the world know: that Merge1 is customer focused and archive agnostic.

We believe the customer knows what archive and information governance solutions will work best for their needs, and Merge1 is here to act like the “glue” to connect content from these third party sources to whatever ‘solution du jour’ you may choose.

In conclusion, I would like to say to all our current and future customers: You now have the freedom to pick the archiving solution(s) that make sense to you. Choose a traditional archiving solution like Veritas Enterprise Vault or EAS/ACA, or standardize on a cloud solution such as Digital Safe or Microsoft Office 365. Globanet does not have any proverbial “horses” in this particular race, except for yours. Merge1 integrates easily with all the major solutions on the market “out of the box”.

Regardless of which archiving solution you choose, understand that Globanet Merge1 will also fit, whether we deploy in your data center, or in the cloud. Contact us for more information.