Merge1 can help you gain compliance easily, by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Compliance Made Easy

Marketing October 12th, 2017 8:59 pm

Globanet’s Merge1 is making it easy for companies in any industry to comply to regulatory bodies and archive information for eDiscovery.

Most message and social media archiving solutions require sending your staff’s critical, sensitive communications to a 3rd Party archive. This requires ongoing monthly subscription fees. It necessitates the painful and expensive process of either: A. Migrating all of your archived communications to a 3rd Party’s data store, or B. Maintaining data in two separate locations – your existing archive and a 3rd Party archive.

By working with your existing email archive, Merge1 helps you avoid:

– Burdensome migration of your existing data to a 3rd party store
– The hassle of running two archives in parallel
– Spending money on expensive, recurring monthly fees


EASE: Offers the easiest installation and deployment on the market
FREEDOM: Gives you full control of your data, helping to prevent software lock-in
CONTINUITY: Sends data to either your local or Cloud-based archive (e.g. Office 365)
FLEXIBILITY: Runs on-prem or via our dedicated private Cloud
ADAPTABILITY: Allows customization to support any content type