Merge1 can help you gain compliance easily, by leveraging your existing infrastructure.

Intelligent Archiving for All Your File Sharing and IM Platforms

Marketing October 23rd, 2017 6:52 pm

Merge1  is the only archive appilcation endorsed by both Microsoft and Veritas – greatly simplifies the process of archiving information for compliance and eDiscovery. By working with your existing email archive, Merge1 helps you avoid:

  • Burdensome migration of your existing data to a 3rd party store
  • The hassle of running two archives in parallel
  • Spending money on expensive, recurring monthly fees

Reduce risk and deliver integrated eDiscovery with Globanet Merge1.

Companies are increasingly required to store and manage internal and external communications across all platforms – including their instant messages – for compliance and discovery purposes.

However, balancing the demand for new technologies with robust compliance can be tricky; failing to deliver a solution that protects employees and your business can result in regulatory action and reputational damage.

Merge1 helps archive files from file-sharing and messaging platforms into your existing email archive.

If an organization’s files live in the Cloud, searching this additional, third-party repository creates extra burden when conducting searches for compliance supervision and eDiscovery. It also results in less control over retention, version control and user history.

Social Media and IM — not just for personal use.
Many organizations use it to conduct business. Merge1 empowers social media compliance and eDiscovery by helping you archive communications taking place over popular social media networks.

Enterprise Tool and File Sharing Solutions.
With Merge1, you’ll be able to quickly and easily archive cloud-based file sharing solutions such as Box, Microsoft OneDrive and more.